The benefits of professional tree removal services 2

The benefits of professional tree removal services

Expert Tree Care.

As a homeowner, you are responsible for ensuring that every part of your property is well cared for. If you have trees surrounding your home that you need to remove to create space or prevent property damage, then it’s essential to get in touch with a professional tree surgery company like Honey Tree Surgeons. One of the many benefits of hiring a company such as ours is the professional level of service you can expect to receive from us. 


Knowing you have selected a professional tree surgery company to remove unwanted trees around your home could prevent your property from sustaining any damage. Tree felling is an extremely dangerous and highly-skilled profession and attempting to prune or remove trees yourself could cause injury to you or other people around you. 

Hiring a professional tree surgery company with experience in tree removal will ensure that all the necessary safety precautions are taken whilst making sure that both you and your property remain unharmed at all times. Here at Honey Tree Surgeons, each customer receives a written risk assessment & method statement. This demonstrates our committed, professional and safe approach to every job we undertake, big or small!

The benefits of professional tree removal services 3

Save time and money

Let’s face it using any professional company costs money, which is why it can be tempting to remove or prune a tree yourself in order to save on this outlay. However, this approach could not only prove to be a waste of time but may inevitably lead to further costs down the line if done incorrectly by the homeowner. 

While you will have to pay for hiring a professional tree surgery company, you will in fact be saving money on items such as tools and other equipment which you would have had to purchase if you attempted to do the job yourself. Also how are you planning on getting rid of all your green waste?

Not to mention the cost of repairs that would be incurred if an accident happened that resulted in property damage. A professional tree surgeon will already have all of the equipment, tools and skills required to complete the job correctly while removing the tree from your property. Also you can expect such a removal to occur in a timely manner without causing damage and at your convenience.

Landscape care

Attempting to remove a tree yourself will not only put your property and safety at risk, but it could also cause damage to your surrounding landscape and lead to a significant clean up job. A professional tree surgeon will ensure that your tree is removed quickly and efficiently while cleaning up the area around it so that your property stays looking its very best.

Do you need a reliable, conscientious, high quality and cost efficient tree surgery company? If you live in the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire or North London area and need help with tree care, please contact us anytime on 07900906249 or

We deal with all aspects of tree surgery, pollarding, reduction, removal, as well as tree stump grinding.

Here at Honey Tree Surgeons Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality service and are experts within our industry. We adhere to and conform with industry standard practice and hold industry approved insurances and qualifications. 

Our professional and reliable service is here to get your garden looking better than ever. We are always happy to provide you with a written quotation and facilitate any permissions you may require from your local authority. 

We come highly recommended by our customers, and you can see an extensive collection of these live reviews on our website,

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