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What is an arborist?

What is an arborist?

An arborist is a professional who works in arboriculture and is otherwise known as a tree surgeon. Arborists are highly skilled when it comes to the management of various species of trees and shrubs, focusing on the health needs of each plant in order to know how best to manage them. Arborists have formal and continuous on the job training and seek to gain a broad understanding of all matters tree related. To become a competent arborist can literally take years and every day is a learning day! 

What does an arborist lookout for?

When assessing an individual tree or shrub, an arborist will take into account both the health and safety of the tree or shrub and the dangers it might pose to members of the public. Rotting vegetation or dead wood may not only show intervention is needed, but could indicate that others such or homeowners and members of the public may be at risk.

The treatments undertaken by arborists may include felling and processing, general pruning as well as tree reduction. Diagnosing and treating parasite infections  and putting structural supports in place like cobra cabling to strengthen a trees canopy. Tree surgeons may also carry out stump removal works and site clearances for development purposes. 

Hopefully most tree surgeons will have been trained in climbing techniques to reach harder to access branches, although some arborists will also be trained to undertake works from spider platforms, lifts and cranes to carry out aerial work. Other arborists may just provide ground consultations, or a combination of the two. Professional arborists will also have studied the safe use of chainsaws and wood chipping equipment, to remove branches and dispose of them correctly.

When should you call an arborist?

If you have a tree or shrub which is showing signs of damage or distress, then you may need to call a specialist arborist. A qualified and most importantly experienced tree surgeon will be able to assess the likely cause of the problem and find a solution which will promote the health of the plant. Taking into account the species and its particular growth pattern, they should be able to carry out any work needed to prolong the tree or shrub’s life.

Similarly, if you have a tree that is growing out of control or is encroaching on property or power lines, then a skilled arborist will also be able to cut back the excess growth without sending the plant into shock. A professional tree surgeon will always look at tree removal as the last option or works as let’s face it they are tree lovers!!!

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