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Charcoal Supply

Lump BBQ Charcoal Supply with Fast Delivery in Hitchin & Hertfordshire


Why pay a high price at your local DIY store for lump charcoal, when you can purchase it cheaper from a local charcoal supplier, for a fraction of the price?

Perfect for fires and BBQ’s, did you know that Honey Tree Surgeons offer lump charcoal for sale?

Our premium quality charcoal is home-made using our own charcoal kiln, where we produce, sell and supply to local stores and households, on demand.

Better still, our charcoal is normally available year round.

Charcoal costs are available upon request.

Do you also need bags of seasoned kindling, mulch or wood chippings or a regular supply of seasoned firewood? We supply those too!

To order lump charcoal, please contact us today. Alternatively, review our client testimonials, find out more about us, read our latest news blog or find answers to common questions.

We look forward to delivering your premium-quality, home-made charcoal!