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Fallen Tree Emergency

Fallen Tree Removal - 24 Hour Emergency Call Out Services in Hitchin, Hertfordshire


Fallen, uprooted trees and torn branches can be a real problem when storms, windy weather and snow occur. They can be very dangerous and cause severe damage to residential and commercial property. Fallen trees need removing urgently without delay.

Call our 24 hour emergency hotline 07900 906249 for fast help and advice

Preventing escalating problems is our priority as safety of the properties’ residents, employees or visitors is critical.

Once we've assessed, discussed and agreed the work required and charges with you, we'll commence work to remove the tree or branches and make the area safe. If needed, remaining clearance work can be completed at a later stage.

Maintenance of the trees within the vicinity of the property before stormy weather occurs is by far the best way to help reduce potential future risks.


Pre-Storm Tree Management Strategies


Pre-storm strategies are available for trees that have a pre-defined structural defects:


  • Cables can limit branch movement, especially during high winds
  • Bracing supports twisting that can occur during storms or adverse weather conditions
  • Pruning can reduce wind resistance by removing dead, dying or hanging limbs – all potential threats to safety
  • If your property has one or many trees close to buildings, lightning protection systems can be installed to disperse lightning strikes naturally through the earth
  • “Topping” is not recommended for storm damage prevention as it causes long-term damage to trees


Although impossible to completely protect your trees and property from severe storms, regularly maintaining trees with tree management strategies like these is the best way to prevent loss and damage while mitigating risk.

Even if you routinely care for your trees, you should still have a professional arborist review your property for any issues after a severe storm.

To discuss pre-storm tree management strategies or to request a visit, please contact us today. Alternatively, review our client testimonials, find out more about us, read our latest news blog or find answers to common questions.