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Arboricultural Consultancy


Aboricultural advice

Honey Tree Surgeons offers a range of professional arboricultural advice tailored to specific requirements.

We offer best practice guidance and advice on local authority planning, risk assessments, tree management, safety surveys, mortgage reports and subsidence to ensure your complete peace of mind.

We service both

Domestic & commercial clients

Our clients come from a variety of sectors, including:

  • Home owners
  • Business owners
  • Care homes
  • Hospitals
  • Private schools
  • Village halls
  • Local parish churches

Risk assessments and method statements are conducted for all domestic and commercial clients.

we work with you on

Arborist Surveys

If you are a property owner or looking to move into a property with larger old trees, you are required by law to take responsibility of the care and safety of the trees and the surrounding property and people who may be affected should they fall. We work with you to carry out an arborist survey, from which we develop a tree management plan for the future. We offer the following arboricultural services:

Tree safety surveys: 

Tree surveys highlight any potential issues so they can be managed carefully. A tree survey helps identify any hazards or potential signs of infection, damage or decay, which then can be resolved by qualified arborists or tree surgeons.

Mortgage Approval reports

On some occasions a mortgage lender may ask for a report to be prepared if there are a number of large trees on the grounds. We can provide mortgage approval reports which detail trees which present a present or future risk to the property and its value.

Planning for new buildings and extensions

Our team of specialists can advise where factors such as tree preservation orders are in place. We will advise on the processes required if this is the case. Our arborists are also able to assist in planning applications, providing a survey on how any surrounding trees may impact the new buildings/extension, highlighting any trees that may be impacted or those that may need to be removed.


Our subsidence surveys detail the potential threat of subsidence to a property caused by nearby trees and their roots.

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