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Tree Waste Removal & Recycling

Tree Recycling, Debris & Waste Removal in Hitchin, Hertfordshire


The removal of tree waste after tree surgery or felling is common, but is frustrating and unfortunately unavoidable.


Trees that grow in parks and gardens are subject to stresses and strains associated with their surroundings. While some are natural or a symptom of old age, other influences such as construction work and fires can have a detrimental effect on their well-being.


Once arborists, such as Honey Tree Surgeons, have performed their tree care work, the problem then arises as to what to do with leftover tree waste. Items such as pruned branches, loose leaves and lopped-off logs can all prove very difficult to dispose of.

To help the environment, did you know that Honey Tree Surgeons recycle 99% of tree debris with our production of by-products? These include:



These by-products can be delivered direct to your home, at a time that’s convenient for you and at a cost that makes “buying locally” perfect common sense.

As professionally trained tree surgeons, we care deeply about green waste recycling, as well as the welfare of our trees, parks, gardens and planet we live on. By transferring the waste of tree surgery into by-products, we’re able to help the environment, while fulfilling the needs of customers who use these by-products for garden maintenance or fire-lighting.

We're proud to be registered with the Environment Agency as a "Recognised Waste Carrier"

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