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Tree Pruning


Tree Pruning

Correctly performed tree pruning helps to raise the overall quality of a tree. Done incorrectly pruning may do more harm than good, and in some situations may create more problems than it solves.

When undertaken professionally tree pruning is one of the most effective ways of maintaining a tree.

Pruning helps by:

  • Removing dead branches to promote growth
  • Cultivating the tree’s size and shape to allow more light into a space
  • Improving the quality of flowers, fruit or timber from the tree
  • Reducing the chance of tree disease

Professional and reliable

Tree pruning removes around 30% of the tree’s height and width, which is good for the tree. It’s always worth addressing the pruning of a tree from the early stages of development (formative pruning). Problems that are relatively easy to address as the tree is forming, may be more difficult to manage later. By thinning the tree out, strong winds can pass easily through the tree which makes it stronger during storms. Maintaining a healthy and safe tree is particularly important when it is in close proximity to people and property and can help avoid potential hazards in the future.

We offer a professional and reliable service at a competitive cost. We consult with you to offer advice on the best solutions for your tree pruning and maintenance. We are fully insured, health and safety compliant and operate to the highest standards of customer care.

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