St Albans Tree Felling and Removal Project 2

St Albans Tree Felling and Removal Project

Our work sees us carry out work on all manner of trees in all manner of places. On a recent job in St Albans, we were asked by our customer to fell a dead Silver Birch. The tree was too dangerous to climb. It ws dead and therefore extremely unstable, so we used a “Narrow Access” platform to perform the removal.

It’s a highly specialised service, which overcomes many safety concerns. All our platforms range from 17 metres to 30 metres in height. They are best suited for projects that require narrow accessibility and uneven terrains. The tree was dismantled and felled by our 5-strong team of men.

As a specialist arborist and tree management company, our core services include tree surgery, tree maintenance and stump removal to clients in St Albans, Harpenden and Welwyn, as well as throughout Hertfordshire and nearby counties including Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

Due to the life-span of trees, all of them have to be felled at some stage, due to death, disease or structural issues. When human safety is a serious consideration, tree-felling becomes a high priority.

Like all our tree surgery projects, removing and dismantling trees is performed carefully and in manageable sections, often involving the use of professional equipment in very tight, rough terrain or complex surroundings and environments, such was the case with this project.

tree felling

We believe in recycling tree waste, so once a tree is felled, we make good use of the wood by delivering cheap but good quality kindling and wood chippings (which is great for weed suppression) or seasoned firewood to local clients.

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