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Tree stump removal in Hertfordshire.

Many people have had a tree removed in their garden or have seen one blown over during a storm, only for the stump to be left behind. While it might not seem like much of an issue at the time, it is actually not a great idea to leave a tree stump in your garden for a large number of reasons. Removing tree stumps is easy when you have invested in the correct market leading equipment, undertaken the required training and understand how to tackle removing the stump correctly. 

You can of course do it yourself by hiring a small stump grinder from your local tool hire shop however, this approach normally doesn’t work and leaves disappointing results. This is mainly due to the fact that hired in stump grinding machines are of a low quality and poorly maintained.  Stump grinding is also a very dangerous past time and should only really be undertaken by industry experts’ tree such as Honey Tree Surgeons Ltd.

Tree stumps can be dangerous.

Perhaps the biggest reason many people choose to remove a tree stump from their garden is the danger to health they present. Tree stumps can often be hard to see, especially on a grass lawn or at night. This then means they are easy to trip on or fall over. Young children or elderly people, in particular, can be prone to this type of accident. When you also add in the damage that a stump could do to your lawnmower or the issues you could face if a visitor to your property injures themselves on it, they are best removed.

Tree stumps can look ugly.

The simple facts are that tree stumps just don’t look that great. If you spend time keeping your garden in top condition or have landscaped the rest of it, stumps can really spoil the general ambience. You would be surprised at how much better any garden space you have looks without that gnarly old stump catching your eye. 

Stumps can attract insects.

If you just leave a tree stump in your garden, it will take a long time to rot away by itself. During this period, the stump may attract a whole host of insects, such as ants, termites and beetles. While this might not bother you initially, if they begin to come into your home, then it is another matter. That is why having your tree stump removed makes sense. 

Take a look at this recent project we were asked to undertake at Breachwood Green Recreational Ground in Hertfordshire by the Kings Walden Parish Council. The tree is question was a large but very rotten Ash tree. 


Stump Grinding & Tree Stump Removal 1Stump Grinding & Tree Stump Removal 2

It had been dropping some of its limbs over the last few years and therefore had to be removed by Honey Tree Surgeons Ltd swiftly.  Once we had finished removing the tree, we then had to tackle the remaining stump which wasn’t an easy task as it was huge. 


We are however lucky enough to have use of a tracked Jo Beau stump grinder, which is a monster of a stump grinding machine! The Jo Beau allows us to get into tight and difficult spaces where other machines would struggle to reach. This is just one of the many benefits of a tracked self-propelled stump grinding machine, certainly not cheap but worth its weight in gold!

Tree stump removal in Hertfordshire.

If you live in the Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire or North London area and need help with tree stump removal, call us today on 07900 906249. At Honey Tree Surgeons Ltd, we are experts in removing those pesky stumps from your garden via stump grinding. Our professional and reliable service is here to get your garden looking better than ever. Get in touch today to find out how we can help and check out our extensive collection of positive customer reviews on Google.

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