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When To Trim A Box Hedge.

Box Hedge Trimming.

If you have a box hedge  the most important part of maintenance is its trimming. Trimming a box hedge helps to keep it looking neat, and it also helps to make way for new growth and keep the hedge strong. However, a lot of people aren’t sure how often hedge trimming is necessary and might be searching for ‘when to trim box hedge’ – so we’ve put together a quick guide to when it’s time to get out the secateurs.

Although trimming is a very important part of keeping a box hedge in check, it isn’t something that needs to be done constantly. Cutting your box hedge too much can lead to very dense growth, which can actually limit the amount of light that gets past leaves on the surface – and leave you with bare branches. In fact, it’s recommended that you only trim your box hedge twice a year, to keep it looking its best, and keep it healthy.

May/June trimming

The first trim of the year should come in May, or the early days of June – this is because the threat of frost is gone, so you can leave it to grow post-trim without worry. The second trim of the year should be carried out during the early autumn – at the start of September. This is because you want to give any new growth a chance to firm up before winter really kicks in. If cold weather and frost hits very new growth, it’ll most likely leave it brittle or kill it outright. Maintaining two trims a year at these times will keep the growth of your hedge consistent, healthy, and stable. 

Drastic hedge cutting is best done in winter 

Sometimes, however, things get out of control and we find ourselves needing to completely overhaul a hedge. If you need to engage in some drastic cutting, it’s best to do it during winter. This is so that the hedge grows in during spring, keeping it safe from frost. It also helps, whether you’re engaging in hedge reduction or hedge reshaping, to trim on cloudy days – so as to avoid leaves getting burnt by the sun.

Box hedges are hardy and reliable plants, and with the right maintenance they can stay healthy and gorgeous all-year-round. So long as you trim twice a year – making sure to avoid frost – you should have healthy hedge for a long time to come.

Hedge trimming it not an easy task. Setting the right height and width levels, checking for nesting birds (during nesting season mand prior to commencing the hedging) and knowing when enough is enough, takes time, skill and a good eye.

One over ambitious swipe of the hedge cutters and all is lost (well for at least a year or so or until the hedge hopefully grows back!

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