If you’ve recently got rid of a large tree, or you have an old tree stump in your garden that you need to get rid of, you should consider stump grinding. It’s not only unsightly, but a decaying tree stump can also attract mould and fungi, or insects and other garden pests, which will not be good news for the rest of your garden. They can also become trips hazards!

Stump grinding is much less intrusive than you may think– and far less time consuming to boot – than the alternative of fully removing the old unwanted tree stump. So if you have a smaller garden, or indeed a large tree stump that you have to deal with, stump grinding could well be the best option for you. You may be surprised that our machines really can squeeze into some tight spaces!

We currently have two machines, the first being a tiny little thing, though still more than capable for tackling most jobs. The larger of the two is an absolute monster!!!


One of the many significant advantages of tree stump grinding is its efficiency – if you want to rid your lawn of an old and rotten tree stump, you won’t have to dig the whole place up while you’re chasing down an extensive root structure. Instead, we use a machines to break the stump down into small wood chips. These wood chips and sawdust can then be easily removed or used as a mulch for other parts of your garden, once it has rotten down.

Do remember, though, that grinding a tree stump will still leave the old root system underground, and this can take several years to decay, depending on its extent. This may well not be a problem if, for example, the roots are simply under a lawn, but if you have more ambitious plans for your garden you may want to look into full-on tree stump removal. With this, we will dig out the entire stump and also the root systems. That way, if you’re looking to install a driveway, a patio or perhaps even a garden room you can do so with peace of mind knowing there are no old roots to cause problems.

Here at we take our stump grinding work very seriously, we never rush a tree stump and we always grind down the stump to as deep as we possibly can for our customers.


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